A New Mini Monde Term

So the start of term hasn't gone so well for me! After an enthusiastic game of tennis last week I managed to tear my Achilles tendon and am now on crutches until who knows when. I've had varying reports from people as to how long it might take to heal but for now I'm taking it easy and working as much as I can from home. The new Mini Monde term has begun...even if it is slower than I had anticipated! Here's what I've got lined up work wise this term...

Piano Lessons
Piano lessons have started up again this week and slots are filling up fast. I teach adults during the day and kids have lessons after school. I currently have 9 continuing students and 3 new ones starting. Each class is tailored to the individual and I'm looking forward to starting some new projects with a couple of my students that may include some recording of tracks! This term we will be doing a bit more music theory and work towards a Christmas concert at the end of term.

Recorder Classes
New for this term I am hoping to set up some recorder groups. I have an adult recorder group planned and have already had some interest. It will be a relaxed informal group that will meet once every 3 weeks throughout the academic year. The group is suitable for all levels, especially beginners. We will play a variety of music from classical to more popular music, starting with duets and adding parts as the group progresses. Recorder lessons are also available for kids individually and in groups.
Do you like to sing? The new Voices term has just begun and I'm excited about the programme this year! As with last year the repertoire is a mix of French and English songs (see the full programme here) and we'll be working towards concerts later on next year. This is my second year directing the beginners choir and I'll be working them a little harder this year to get through a few more songs. It's good fun and people are signing up now so if you're interested come along and try it out!

Are you back to work now that the kids are back in school? How's it going?

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