Bonjour! I'm Becky. Originally from London, in 2013 we decided to leave the craziness of city life for a slower pace in the Tarn-et-Garonne region of South West France. Here, Andrew (aka Media Man) and I, and our two sons Reuben 7 and Jacob 4 have settled into country village life. We've become accustomed to tractors on the roads, the electricity cutting out during storms, and everything shutting down for 2 hours over lunch. I do miss aspects of London life but for now this feels more than right for us as a family.

Before we moved to France I started blogging as La Famille Brown, writing about the build up to our new French life and as a way for family and friends to keep in touch with what we were getting up to once we moved. It was a blog that I enjoyed writing and that was slowly beginning to gain readers from all over the world. It was picked up by Living France magazine as a blog with insider knowledge, and I discovered the joys of the blogging community. But I soon realised that I wasn't going to be able to grow in the direction that I wanted to, so after a year of blogging I started Rue du Belvedere with a new look, new name and new focus.

Rue du Belvedere is a blog that focuses on four different areas of life; Family, Food, Travel and Crafting. Moving to France has allowed me to appreciate the importance of family time, especially when the children are young. Check out our Alphabet Adventures where we discover new ways of creating momries. We live in a beautiful part of the world and aim to take the time to explore the local area and beyond. With Europe on our doorstep we made one of dreams come true by buying a campervan to travel around in. The way we think about food is slowly developing as I finally have the time to open my growing collection of cookery books and we learn to eat more seasonally, buying more fresh produce from the local markets and thinking about the amount of meat we consume. Sewing and crafting is my hobby. I consider myself a beginner and enjoy learning new crafts. I currently enjoy crocheting and have dreams of developing my own handmade wardrobe.

I regularly post pictures of family life and France on Instagram, you can follow my inspiration boards on Pinterest, and on Facebook and Twitter I share more of what we do from day to day.

Why the name Rue du Belvedere? It's where our French journey began! The picture above is the 'Belvedere' a short walk up a hill opposite our house and where for many years has been one of my favourite places to sit and contemplate the world around me.

I would love for you to take the time to follow our journey!

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